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Bitcoin Era is a platform the puts the power to buy, sell, or invest in Bitcoin in your hands. Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has become the most successful and widespread cryptocurrency. However, some people are yet to know how Bitcoin trading works. That’s where our Bitcoin trading software comes in. With this software, you don’t have to learn everything about Bitcoin or how to invest in it.

Bitcoin Era has a pretty simple operating principle. Once you invest some money intending to make some profits through Bitcoin Trading or investing, the robots of this system are activated. These bots detect the Bitcoins that are selling at low prices. These can be bought and then sold at higher prices later.

To register and start trading or investing in Bitcoin, sign up at the official Bitcoin Era website today. You will realize that this platform makes buying this cryptocurrency easier than thought. Whether you’re new to Bitcoin trading or an experienced trader, you will have the same opportunities when you choose this platform. Bitcoin Era uses advanced technology and it’s always updated to give you the best crypto trading experience.

Be confident that you will always use state-of-the-art Bitcoin trading software when you choose Bitcoin Era. This system is consistent, infallible, and trustworthy.

What is Bitcoin?

If new to Bitcoin trading, you might want to know more about this cryptocurrency. Well, Bitcoin can be defined as a digital currency whose ideas are set out in Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper. Satoshi is considered pseudonymous because their entity remains a mystery. Nevertheless, this digital currency promises to lower the fees charged by the traditional payment methods. Bitcoin operates under a decentralized authority. And this is one of the things that make it different from government-issued currencies.

Bitcoin operates under peer-to-peer technology without the involvement of banks or any central authority. Its issuance and transaction management are collectively carried out by a network. Since it is open-source, Bitcoin has a public design where nobody controls or owns it. And, everybody is free to participate. Due to the unique properties of this digital currency, it has many and exciting uses that are not covered by traditional payment systems.

It’s worth noting that Bitcoin doesn’t flow through a banking system like the traditional currency. Instead, it flows through computer wallets. Thus, you can’t hold or keep Bitcoin in your physical wallet or pocket like a traditional currency. Bitcoin is a computer-based means of payment or exchange. Since there are 21 million coins only, Bitcoin is considered a fixed asset. People mine Bitcoins by solving mathematical problems. But because this cryptocurrency is divisible, its growth potential is unlimited.

A major invention that Bitcoin came with is blockchain. This is a distributed ledger technology with amazing potential in terms of settlement ramifications and traditional operations for businesses in different industries. Blockchain technology tracks ownership while allowing for efficient and immediate Bitcoin transfers.


How Bitcoin Trading Works

You most likely came across Bitcoin Era because you’re interested in Bitcoin trading. But how does Bitcoin trading work? Well, Bitcoin trading entails speculating on the movements of the price of this cryptocurrency. Traditionally, Bitcoin trading has involved buying this cryptocurrency via an exchange with the hope that the price will go up over time.

However, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) also exposes traders to the price of Bitcoin without purchasing any asset. This approach provides additional confidence since the trader doesn’t hold actual Bitcoins. Thus, they can trade without Bitcoin wallets.

More and more Bitcoin traders are now using CFDs and other derivatives when it comes to speculating on the falling and rising prices to benefit from the volatility of this cryptocurrency. With CFDs, you can benefit from the movement of Bitcoin price in either direction and you don’t have to own the underlying coins to do that. Thus, you won’t be responsible for Bitcoin tokens’ security.

Why Invest in Bitcoin?

Maybe you need some reasons to invest in Bitcoin before you sign up and start using Bitcoin Era. Well, this cryptocurrency represents a major change in the worldwide monetary policy. It is making monetary and government policies separate. Here are some of the major reasons to invest in Bitcoin.


Being an open-source software that uses peer-to-peer technology, Bitcoin can be used to transmit and store value. The fact that there are 21 million Bitcoins globally makes the supply of this cryptocurrency limited. Bitcoins are issued as mining rewards. This makes Bitcoin one of the most reliable currencies globally.

The scarcity of Bitcoin will continue to drive its value to new heights. Within a short period, the Bitcoin price moved from about $0.50 to $20,000 per coin. Although this price dropped for a while, its value remains more than $10,000. This is an impressive return on investment because it made early investors billionaires.

More Bitcoin Developments

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that’s still undergoing some developments. New functionalities are continuously added to this cryptocurrency. For instance, the Lightning Network is among the latest upgrades that bring new functionalities to Bitcoin. This is an off-chain solution that uses private payment methods to reduce on-chain congestion.

Increasing Network

The size of the Bitcoin network is always increasing. Unlike when Bitcoin was introduced, users now have more exchanges, wallets, and platforms to choose from. More vendors are also accepting Bitcoin. Bitcoin credit cards and debit cards have also been created to ease the use of Bitcoin whenever Visa is accepted.

These innovations indicate an every growing Bitcoin network. What’s more, next-generation Bitcoin-based products like EFTs are emerging. Every product is expanding the Bitcoin network by bringing more players from the traditional market to the cryptocurrency sector. Essentially, every new Bitcoin-based product is taking its adoption to a higher level.

Why Use Bitcoin Era to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin Era is a Bitcoin trading software that uses algorithms to help you make the best crypto trading decisions. This platform uses advanced technology to provide the most relevant tradable insights and data from the cryptocurrency market. With this software, you’re bound to make informed Bitcoin trading decisions

Bitcoin traders need to make accurate trading decisions. This software is designed to provide precise and speedy decisions. This is one of the reasons why this Bitcoin trading robot generates profit for the users.

This platform has been created by experienced professionals. These are passionate experts that want to provide effective crypto trading software to new and experienced traders. Our crew created a platform that resides on a reliable server. As such, downtimes and risks are minimized.

Bitcoin Era is designed to minimize the risk of program bugs, anomalies, and system crashes. As such, you won’t be required to monitor your trading throughout the day. With this software, you can use at least 20 minutes per day. What’s more, manual labor input is reduced with this software. This trading robot can run continuously in the background while you complete your daily activities. Crypto trading technology is growing at a very fast pace. Bitcoin Era uses the most advanced Bitcoin trading technology. That means you will enjoy a better experience when using this platform to trade or invest in Bitcoin. And, we update our software continuously to ensure that enjoy the best that crypto trading technology can offer.

What Makes Bitcoin Era Unique

Bitcoin Era brings the most powerful and latest trading technology to its users. It uses the algorithms of artificial intelligence to process the crypto market noise and generate the most accurate trading signals. This system brings you the best features and applications to ensure that you have highly promising trading opportunities. Our crew took the time to create a fantastic Bitcoin trading system. Using artificial intelligence, our experts bring you the powerful qualities of this BTC trading technology.

Many top-performing companies on Wall Street use artificial intelligence in trading. Many people are, therefore, looking for software algorithms that apply artificial intelligence. Our software integrates the most advanced technology and specific measures to ensure that you participate in low-risk and safe Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Era uses military-grade encryption. That means this platform uses advanced technology to safeguard the data of its members from hackers. We also offer a small investment at first. That way, we make Bitcoin trading lucrative and easily accessible to everyone.

Why Use Software to Trade or Invest in Bitcoin

Trading or investing in Bitcoin revolves around the global metrics of supply and demand. When Bitcoin demand rises, its price increases. And when Bitcoin demand falls, its price falls. When trading or investing in Bitcoin, your goal is to buy and sell this digital currency at a profit. Without trading software like Bitcoin Era, you would do this manually by studying market signals.

On the other hand, trading software allows you direct access to brokers and exchanges. This increases your chances of making profits. Bitcoin Era is a Bitcoin trading system meant for beginners and super-experienced traders. This system is designed to give you an excellent Bitcoin trading experience.

Here are some of the benefits of using Bitcoin Era to trade or invest in Bitcoin:


Bitcoin trading software is built on specific rules. A trade is triggered whenever signals and rules match. A trader can use the platform with its default settings. After setting the rules, the platform keeps an eye on the market and trade depending on the trading strategy.

Better Trading Speed

When it comes to trade outcomes, time is among the most important factors. A trade can easily fall through before placing an order when trading manually. Trading software is designed to respond to the volatile Bitcoin market very quickly. Essentially, the software generates an order as long as a trade meets the set rules.

Multiple trading

Handling several trades manually is not easy. However, crypto trading software performs several tasks within seconds. This explains why some people trade with several accounts. What’s more, this software enables a trader to try different strategies at a go thereby spreading their risks across many accounts.

No feelings

Software automation reduces emotions in the trading process. This enables traders to stick to their trading strategy. This software won’t question any trade as long as it meets the specified rules. Consequently, this software enables a trader that is afraid to easily pullout. It also reduces the risk of purchasing and selling Bitcoin at any perceived opportunity.


You don’t spend anything to use Bitcoin trading software. You just need to sign up and fund the account with the minimum amount to start trading.

Bitcoin Era is designed to help you reap these and other benefits of crypto trading software. With this software, you will take advantage of the best trades whenever they match your criteria.

Bitcoin Era FAQ

How can I acquire Bitcoins?

You can earn Bitcoin through the mining process, exchange Bitcoin with somebody lease, buy them at a Bitcoin exchange, or as a payment for services or goods.

When can I trade Bitcoin with Bitcoin Era?

You can trade Bitcoin at any time. That’s because the cryptocurrency market is a non-stop rodeo. However, you should be more attentive to get accurate information about the market.

Can Bitcoin be transferred to a bank account?

No. You can’t withdraw Bitcoin directly into your bank account. But you can sell Bitcoins to another person that will send money into your bank account. You can also sell Bitcoins at an exchange from where you can withdraw the money.

What determines the price of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin price is subject to the rules of supply and demand. An increase in Bitcoin demand increases its price. A decrease in Bitcoins demand leads to a decrease in their price. The available Bitcoins are limited. What’s more, their creation rate is decreasing and predictable. That means Bitcoin demand will always follow this inflation level to maintain a stable price. Since the market for Bitcoin is relatively small, its price movement up and down doesn’t require a lot of money. As such, Bitcoin price remains volatile.

Do I need licensing to trade Bitcoin with Bitcoin Era?

You don’t require a license to buy and sell Bitcoins. You just need to sign up at a platform like Bitcoin Era. Once you’ve done that, start buying and selling Bitcoin with fiat currencies like USD. You might undergo an identity verification process if you want to trade large amounts.

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